Monday, August 24, 2009

What does BeulahSimone mean?

Well, Beulah Simone happens to be my real name and the name of my future store. BeulahSimone describes both parts of my personality. Simone was given to me by my mother, a name that I have always used while I was young and still use today. Simone represents the urban side of me, the side of me that enjoys wearing the coolest sneakers or Rocawear clothing. It represents a transition from my adolescent years to my teenage years, when I would see others girls from school wearing name brand clothes I knew my mother would never buy unless it was coming from my own pocket. Beulah represent a part of me that I am still trying to figure out, a name that was given to me by my father, who I once hated because of his absence, but learned how to accept since he is still the man who has helped in creating me. Beulah is the side of me who wishes one day to wear the finest and the best of the best clothing; the professional side of me. Neither sides of Beulah or Simone is important than the other. Both sides together make up who I really am deep down inside, without Simone there could be no Beulah and without Beulah there would be no Simone. Simone, the young side of me introduced Beulah, the women side of me, to Fashion. Now, Beulah has to take Simone dreams and future and make it into BeulahSimone Inc…

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